Circle F Dude Ranch  Sept 26-28 2008


Rainbow Lightning's first campout

The Chief and his Precious Heart

The Skits... Always Entertaining 


Even with a Blanket Joyful Heart is still a Princess 

Ride them Cow Girls

2 Princesses with Princess the Horse... How appropriate

Not sure about a Horse called Cash

Little Duck  and Cherokee

Precious Heart and M&M

Blue Bird is a Pro

Red Bird is ready for the Kentucky Derby

No. I'm not for dinner

Time for a swim in the Lake

Little Duck and Joyful Heart play King of the Kayak

Let the War Games begin

Awesome Sunset

Fire Fire Fire

Now that's a Bon Fire

Rainbow Lightning gets Inducted

Bald Eagle remembers years of great memories as Bluebird breaks her arrow

This Camping stuff is fun but I need some zzzzzzzzzzz

Another great trip. . .Get in the Picture Dads