2009 ACA Lake Geneva

The Creek Bunks Here

Beautiful Property

Star Pony and Rainbow Lightning get the fire ready

Star Pony... A true Indian Princess

All the Indian Princesses

Little Duck Represents the Creek in the Skit Competition

Fishing Cat and Blue Dolphin

Wood Chuck and Little Red Rose

Rising Sun and the Princesses

Precious Heart and Joyful Heart

How many Blue Ribbons did the Creek win?

Star Pony goes for a ride in the Canoe Races

Its gonna be a close one

Chief Silly Heart giving the Creek a big Shove to start


Somebody's gonna get Clamed tonite by the Creek

Say Creek

Star Pony wins the Best Indian-like Car.  How How

Can you find the Star Pony's Corn Car

There is Blue Dolphins Black Corvette

The Race Track

And the Kooky Pen Wins

Cool Fire Walk and Bon Fire

Who's gonna get Inducted this year?

Blue Dolphin

Chief Silly Heart in Full Indian attire

    And The Creek's Star Clock wins 3rd Place for the Tribal Craft

Get in the picture Dads!